NZD - NZD tests the 0.60 points

As seen from the technical chart, the exchange rate hit a low of 0.6085 on March 8, and after some ups and downs, it reached a low of 0.6112 on April 25, followed by a sharp rebound, and now the New Zealand dollar is back at 0.60. If the psychological barrier can still be held, it is expected to continue the up-and-down pattern of the past two months. The current resistance is expected to be the 250-day moving average at 0.6180 and 0.63, and the extended target is expected to be 0.64. Conversely, if the 0.60 barrier is finally untenable, be wary that the New Zealand dollar will face greater downward pressure, and then look at 0.5840 for the support.

Estimated volatility:
Resistance 0.6180 - 0.6300 - 0.6400
Support 0.6100/0.6000 – 0.5840





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