GBP - Sterling remains steady

The trend of the pound against the dollar, as seen in the technical chart, RSI and the stochastic index have risen again, it is expected that the pound has bottomed out near the 1.23 level in recent days; the current upward key level is 1.2630, which is an area extending from the June 2021 high of 1.4248 Large-scale downward trend line resistance, if a breakthrough can be made in the future market, the pound is expected to resume its upward trend, and then the target is 1.2770, and it is further estimated at the 1.30 points. As for the support level, attention will be paid to 1.23, and the maximum support is 1.2160 to 1.20 points.

Monday / UK May PMI (16:30)

Estimated volatility:
Resistance 1.2630* – 1.2770 – 1.3000
Support 1.2300 - 1.2160 - 1.2000






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